Membership Requirements

Legus International membership provides a multitude of benefits which are amplified participation and relationship building. We aspire to create lifelong relationships based on mutual trust, like-minded approaches and professional respect.

Working Together     

We may be separate Law firms, but our goals are the same – serve clients to the best of our ability together.  The geographic and practice diversity of Legus allows us to have a breadth of knowledge that can be used when addressing client needs.

Learning Together

We have been through unique, unusual and normal experiences when serving clients.    We share those experiences and learn from each other regarding effectively addressing numerous issues, creating winning strategies and using our knowledge to assist each other.

Finding Solutions Together

It isn’t difficult to identify problems.  Assisting each other to find the solutions is actually the key to effective client service, firm management and practice development.

  • Jurisdiction

    Only one law firm is allowed membership within each jurisdiction. The location of potential member must have an open jurisdiction to be considered for membership.

  • Practice Areas

    Legus International members should have a mix of Corporate and Litigation practices.  This allows our members to rely on one another in almost all practice areas and geographic locations.

  • Client Service

    Members should have clients with needs that go beyond their own borders.

  • Participation

    Members must participate in organizational activities to develop and sustain relationships with other members which leads to work referrals and client service excellence.

Growth of the Network

LEGUS International has grown its membership methodically through member focused needs.  To serve our members effectively, we listen to their needs, their client’s needs and then provide for those needs.  As our members identify geographic areas where they require client support, we identify firms in that area and recruit a high-quality law firm to Legus to help service members and their clients.

We also respond to firms who are searching for an active and quality legal network to serve their clients. When firms approach us for membership, we carefully screen all potential members and determine if their membership would benefit current Legus members and visa verse.

As we grow and expand, our growth model will continue to focus on serving members and their clients.

Diverse Membership

We pride ourselves on the diversity of jurisdictions in our network. We recognize by celebrating these differences, we all grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Our members respect the multiple view points on any one challenge or situation, listening first and then asking questions to best serve their clients.

Networking and Educational Events

Each year two network members host meetings, one the annual meeting and one the fall meeting, in their jurisdictions. It’s a chance to promote their firm to other members and to expand relationships. These networking opportunities help build the trust and comradery so important to members.

To connect throughout the year, we host a variety of education based experiences. Through our Coffee Cafe series we provide expert speakers who present on cutting-edge topics and through our our Roundtable series members have the opportunity to share expeiences and successes.

Our lawyers also use our platform to reach out to one another for business management feedback and recommendations.

Affinity Groups

The goal of LEGUS Affinity Groups is to ensure clients whose needs are world wide are paired with a single, experienced lawyer capable of heading a team.  Affinity Group members collaborate with other group members on a regular basis not only to share the best practices, but to address niche-specific needs and challenges of clients.
This leaves firms of similar size and client base in the same practice areas free to serve clients without fear of competitive issues. It also allows potential clients who are searching for quality lawyers to expand geographical boundaries and build referral lists.

What our members say about us

“When you consider LEGUS’ global reach, easy and trusted in- out referrals, seamless client service in foreign jurisdictions, superior quality firms and an incredibly collegial group of attorneys, the cost of membership is an unbeatable value. Other benefits such as LEGUS’ solid educational and informative programs and marketing advantages are just icing on the cake.”

“Legus has provided me an opportunity to build strong relationships across the globe. I have made great friends, learned new tricks and broadened my knowledge of the law. I am able to provide excellent legal services to my clients in different parts of the globe leveraging my Legus network. Because Legus meetings are held in different countries, I have been able to visit new places and see different cultures. My membership of Legus has been inspiring and enriching.”

“LEGUS Membership means we remain the first port of call for our clients with international business. We can trust our fellow LEGUS members in the same way our clients trust us. We feel this gives our clients the optimum international service available, and gives us an advantage in the marketplace.”

“Because of the well-curated and trusted network Legus has built, the annual meeting stands out against the usual lawyers conventions. At Legus meetings, we are able to establish personal relationships which helps build confidence in referring clients to member firms. The meeting genda is also well balanced between business meetings, educational sessions as well as social/networking activities.

Legus shares results of surveys and questions posted by members; this information has tangibly helped us understand best practices and others’ experience, lessons which we have applied more than a few times in our own practice.”

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