Persuasive Communication with Chuck Roberts

March 16, 2021 |

Persuasive Communication with Chuck Roberts

March 16, 2021

Chuck joins us as the President & CEO from Performance Management Group to educate us on persuasive communication – how to use your words to close the deal.

The challenges that you face winning contracts and delivering legal services are well understood by Chuck. This is because he has 40 years of experience in the professional services industry and has served as seller/doer, Corporate Director of Business Development (marketing and sales), COO, CFO, and CEO for multidisciplinary national and international professional services firms. This has included serving private sector clients spanning more than 35 industries and government clients at the Federal, State, and Local levels. As an internationally recognized expert on transformational leadership, persuasive communication, and best practices, Chuck has been invited to speak at more than 120 conferences and corporate events to share his knowledge and experience gained from personally leading 11 start-ups, 12 turnarounds, 14 reorganizations, and countless new client sector, market, and service initiatives. He has written two books, more than 70 published articles, and is a highly acclaimed Trainer, Executive Coach, and Professional Ghostwriter of competitive proposals and presentations. Chuck is the President and CEO of Performance Management Group, Inc.

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